Making A Difference

“We felt the power of collaborating with other nonprofits and saw
that Chebeague nonprofits can enjoy working and laughing together. ”

What is The Recompense Fund?

We are a small foundation which supports Chebeague’s not-for-profits. We’ve been at this for over twenty years and have made grants so far totaling over $250,000. Our name is derived from two sources. First, Recompense was an early name for Chebeague Island. Secondly, recompense means to give something in return for a service rendered. Chebeague’s charitable organizations provide a myriad of services to us all, thus are certainly deserving of organized financial support over and above their regular fundraising activities.

In recent years, as the financial needs of a number of the island’s nonprofits have escalated, Recompense Fund has decided to meet that need by itself reaching out to the community for support. In some ways we think of ourselves as a narrowly focused United Way. United Way organizations have large staffs and spend significant sums financing their fund drives. We, on the other hand, have no staff. Our Board does all of the work involved in our grant making activities, and The Maine Community Foundation handles our administrative needs at minimal cost. Very close to 100% of contributions to Recompense are paid out in turn to Chebeague nonprofits.

We are very proud of our hard-working board. Each year we carefully analyze grant applications, in every case asking ourselves how each one will support and sustain Chebeague Island and how it will improve the lives of island residents.




Board Members:

Leila Bisharat, Betts Mayer, Scott Searway, Justin Doughty, Eldon Mayer, Jim Van Fleet, Caitlin Gerber, Manny Morgan, Linda White, Beverly Johnson, Kim Hamilton, Laura Summa, and Ralph Munroe.







2017 Calendar


Grantwriting Workshop:

MARCH 15, 5:30
Chebeague Island School

The grant writing class covers how to write grant proposals start to finish and how to locate and track relevant grant opportunities. 


2017 Grant Applications Due

Deadline: MAY 1, NOON



Community Picnic

August 5, 4:30
Chebeague Island School